Movie of the Day #10: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Friday, January 4, 2013 4 comments
The Hobbit: 
An Unexpected Journey (2012)

The Story: Sixty years before his 111th birthday, the home-y life of Bilbo Baggins, uncle of Frodo, turned into a grievous and disastrous one as he partakes on a journey with Gandalf and a company of dwarves to be a burglar that could help them defeat Smaug, a dragon which took one of the dwarves' kingdom and their treasures. 

That's for the whole trilogy. The different subplots is for you to see. 

Cast: Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

How I manage to stay awake in the almost 3-hour movie?
    Just the thought that my (and my dad's) money would be wasted if I would not try to watch it, kidding! I actually have watched it two times already, one was way back December 21st, of which I didn't actually watched thoroughly since I was texting that time (sorry for those who were bothered by me, I actually hate those who use their phones in movie theaters, but who am I to hate) because it was Paskuhan day and we were supposed to go to UST together. The other time was last 31st with my close friend and it was on IMAX! (Gosh, it's so expensive, should have convinced her to watch MMFF entries). I agreed to watch it since I was not really able to concentrate the first time and truly I keep mentioning in my mind "Didn't notice this part!". The answer to the question, popcorn! And the few paragraphs next to this. 


Why I Love It and Why Will You?
      First, if you're a LOTR fan, you'll surely love this. If not, then it's worth the try. But don't go watch it and say that you're going to watch it just for the sake of watching a mainstream movie other people say is a must watch, do enjoy it. 

      I'm actually not a big fan of Lord of the Rings trilogy, they're too long, too dark, too I-don't-understand-them, and the names are too difficult to remember. What I love about them is the effects, the setting (made me want to go to New Zealand) and the idea itself, of many different creatures of Middle Earth. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, is practically just like the Lord of the Rings movies in terms of the theme, aura, the feel and flow (courtesy of the awesome director Peter Jackson). It also (pertaining to the first one alone but it is another trilogy) serves as a prequel (I know you know that, maybe what you don't know is that in terms of the book, The Hobbit came first '1937' and from a request he made the sequel LOTR and were published in '1954-55'). 

     Well, most of the scenes are actually good. 
A lot of witty scenes to love and you'll surely enjoy the action ones as well. 
There was a battle of Rock-transformers! 

And you'll love watching Bilbo (Martin Freeman - Dr. Watson of Sherlock series)
I was surprised to see him. 

      The company of dwarves were amazing and funny. Their Shire scene was very fun to watch and when they started singing and humming, it was so surreal. My favorite dwarves: Thorin (very Kingly), Kili and FIli (Merry and Pippin of the dwarves). Good-looking dwarves! 

     And this entry could not be posted without me telling how I find it funny how Galadriel (so that's her name!) floats/walks/turns around. 
It was creepy yet funny. 
And this picture from afar seems that she is graciously cursing me with her middle finger.

This movie actually made me want to watch again the LOTR movies. 

Favorite Scenes
      The Dwarves in Shire, especially the part where they sang the "Misty Mountain". I again would like to mention how surreal it was. Their big low voice were perfect for it. I like to commend Howard Shore for a job well done in the musical score. Next, the chase scene with the Goblins inside the mountain, Awesome! And lastly, the most epic part for me was the scene with the giant 'Great Eagles as they fly to Carrock. There was this particular frame that I wanted to be my wallpaper because it was so beautiful. 

That's it, how do you find THE HOBBIT?

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