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Sunday, January 13, 2013 6 comments
    This post is inspired by Ms.Anna (thecountessanna)'s Smart phone doesn't mean smart habits video (watch her videos! Hilarious!) and most especially my sister who is the Instagrammer (follow her!). Well, for some, "Instagram is so 2012", for half of that some which have misunderstood the new terms of service "What? They're going to sell our photos? Let's quit Instagram!", but for most, "Instagram still is the best!". And so the Instagram's reign continues, here is... 

Three Not that Easy Steps in Posting a Picture in Instagram 

1.The Picture
For her 200th post, she posted this picture of mine, but before that she'd be like "Malapit na ako mag 200 ah, magready ka na!". 

    Whenever I'm with my sister, I'll always suggest things she could post in Instagram, sometimes in a teasing way. "Oy oh pang-instagram", "cute nito sa instagram", "Instagram mo to", "Instaaagraaaam!" "Wait wait, i-instagram pa niya yan" On desperate times, I would say "Pi-picture-an kita, basta libre mo ako". 
      Of course, the most important thing in posting in instagram is a picture! Given. You'll be needing your phone or tablet with camera and wifi specs.

The challenge is on what picture to take? It's simple, everything. 

Cute stuff 
Cool things
Amazing scenes 
More food
Smiling food
Adorable people 
Funny moments, 
First this, First that
Face of the day 
Pretty look
Nails, Polished nails 
 Expensive buys 
Simple treats 
Old things, New things 
Sister winning a laptop!

and a lot more. 

Note: The picture must fit a square (or can be cropped squarely without ruining the picture) to conform to the dimensions of instagram. (I find that pretty neat, actually!) But you can also find apps that would allow you to put extra borders in order to post a portrait or landscape pictures (Aviary app).

     Where the real difficulty comes: Choosing a picture to post. At the end of the day (or the picture taking per se), if you took a lot of photos, you will now be facing the difficult task to choose from the numerous photos you took. You can choose to post it one by one or master the art of laying it out in one photo post (where frames come in). Tips: So let's say you took more or less 50 photos that day (an event maybe), you wouldn't post them all, would you? You can choose ten of the best and maybe post 2 of the best pictures in a stand alone post and make two lay outs from the 8 photos remaining. 

      But I don't own an Iphone or an S3: The cameras of our phone is not that great as well, but the filters will make it look better. But then another thing, the photos are pixelated when seen in computers, so if she's not too lazy, she'll use our camera to take pictures and then copy it to her laptop and then her cellphone (still would look pixelated but better than the ordinary camera phone). One technique also is to borrow someone's phone with a better camera and just share them to your phone via bluetooth. Yes, she's that committed! 

2. Filters, Frames and Designs

     This is the funniest step. Wait, I'll ask her what different apps she uses. After you have chosen the pictures to upload, here comes another difficult task which is to choose a filter, a frame or any design. She uses Camera MX, Aviary and Photogrid.
     My sister would at times have me choose a filter for her pictures, and it's really funny because there were at least a dozen of filters, half of which looks the same, the remaining half differs only in a small way. And there I was in a position of serious dillemma (in my mind) This is so damn hard (hands to sister her phone) "Ikaw na bahala!" And then when she chooses one, "Mas maganda yung isa!" cue laughter. I kind of feel for her, because I am also experiencing the same in Photoshop.

   Choosing frames is another story.
You could choose from 2-photo, 
3-photo, or 
4-photo frames 
(or even more), 

having in mind the number of photos you need to post. Frames also come in different designs that may suit your photo of the day. What a way to practice your freedom of choice at the same time burden you with so much good choices.

      The designs (smileys, ribbons, etc) are not that mandatory, but they are just irresistibly cute not to add. You can also make use of apps that lets you put different facial expressions on your photos.

3. The Hashtags and Description
  Now you're already finish with you photo and it's ready for upload! One last thing to do is to add hashtags and a description. My sister have this theory that the more hashtags there is the more you could attract likes/followers! (in a public account). She would make me think of hashtags for her photos, "Ano pa bang pwedeng i-hashtag dito?" She does her hashtags beforehand so that when there's internet connection already, she'd be ready and just copy the hashtags, and bam bam bam, uploads extravaganza!

For photo of the day, these would be the usual hashtags. 

#photooftheday #picoftheday #dailyphoto #instadaily #igdaily #instapic #me #girl #selfportrait #instagood #instamood #love #igers #tagsforlikes #follow #followme

   I both hate and love this part. I hate it when she always asks about the spelling of words,names, etc, even the simple ones. I'm not being an overly confident sister thinking that she should know that by now, because I too have my own spelling mishaps and other English issues, but I don't bother other people, I search for it. There's the internet, the dictionary (android apps), books. Also when she asks for the english translation of a tagalog word. Do I look like a Eng-Tag dictionary to you? I can't choose whether I got irritated because I don't know the answer or because she make me look for it (undirectly, I do want to know too!), which makes me out of concentration to what I'm doing at that moment. The love part is the hilarious part of those supposed hate parts. She's going to kill me for telling you this. This was the most recent hashtag moments we had, which is the time I decided to make a post about it. 

    We bought food from Jollibee, I knew from the moment that she saw the new Jollibee cup that she is going to post it in instagram, and so she did got her phone. After taking some picutres, I thought she's finished but that's not all, she deboned her chicken and mixed them with her spaghetti and she keeps mentioning how that's the best way to eat chicken and Spag (instagram of course), and in my mind "SO?" (and I just kept on eating my own the usual way). She reached for the receipt and put it down unsatisfied "Titingnan ko pa naman spelling ng Spaghetti" (obviously she's on this hashtag part already). My guess that it was not there. I didn't mind her, I kept on eating thinking that she spelled it the way she remembers spaghetti should be spelled. After quite some time, she blurted out "Ano bang spellling ng Spaghetti?" and cue laughter! She spelled it for me (it was correct by the way) and I teased her back "Hindi, SPHAGETTI!" with emphasis on the ISPAHAAGETTI! The real situation is funnier of course, I just don't know how to tell it the funny way. 

How i enjoy my jolly spaghetti with chicken Haha. :) set aside the gravy, make himay the chickenjoy, mix it wit the spaghetti, then EAT! Haha. :)

#superbusog #dinner #jollibee #spagetti #food #yumyum #instagood #instamood #love #eat #tagsforlikes #instadaily #igdaily #instapic #follow #followme 

Last thing,UPLOAD!

And the cycle continues. 

     I actually don't mind all those things, or I just got used to it. The thing is that, I do think that it's my fault or I'm the reason why she created an account there (indirectly), because once upon a time, I asked her to share with me her facebook account, because I'm too lazy to create one, and so she did agree. And from that day on, our facebook account couldn't be that personal of each of us, there's always the limitation of what we could post because it should be from the two of us (at times we do put our names if it is from just one of us, but that isn't enough). And it goes to show that we are inseparable twins, an idea, a cliche people always think of when it comes to twins. We are different individuals and I do hope people treat as like that, but my not so brilliant facebook idea surely did not help that happen, and I'm to blame. 

Comments are highly appreciated!


  • Pink Line said...

    itatanong ko pa sana kung kambal kayo kasi nagsi-share kayo sa fb at itatanong ko rin sana kung sister mo ba yung nasa pics o ikaw eh since twins naman pala kayo nasagot na rin ang tanong ko hehehe

    im using photogrid also..wait pano yung black and white then naemphasize lang yung pink na color?hehehe..

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