If I Would Have Superpowers

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 9 comments
     Do you know when the idea of superpowers started? Well, I don't know either. But what I know is that there would always be a part of us that somehow wanted to have superpowers. What led me to write this entry? I was watching Pathology (2008), and it reminded me of Peter Petrelli of Heroes. I missed watching that show. And since at the moment the idea of having a superpower is just in the realm of movies, shows, and our imagination, I thought of just blogging about the powers that I like to have so that I will not have the difficulty of thinking, just in case the time will come that superpowers will be available of purchase. 

    But come to think of it, Superpowers are overrated! We always see the good, the greatness in them, that we seldom think of the responsibilities and consequences that lies within them. God is all knowing and all powerful, I believe he is not having the time of His life now, with so much people blaming Him despite everything that He had done and keeps on doing. We wanted superpowers for ourselves, but are we really ready for it?

     Anyway, that's not the issue in this blog post, so here are ten superpowers that I'd like to have, why ten? why not? It will amaze you how much superpowers there is, search here. At some point these powers do overlap since I don't have that much time to analyze the features and limitations of each of these powers, I just want to have them, for my selfish reasons and many other things. Anyway, here they go.

1. Omnilingualism 

(The power to decipher any oral language and speak any fluently)

      Whenever I would come across a movie in a different language, I'd always say "I wish I knew (insert particular language)". Also I get paranoid whenever there are people speaking in a different language, it makes me anxious that they maybe making fun of me or that sort. One more thing is that I want to travel around the world and this power would make it lot easier for me to communicate with other people.

2. Invisibility 

(The power to render oneself unseen to the naked eye) 

      For me, being invisible enables you to do a lot of thing without getting notice and for free, most especially at times that you just wanted to be alone. You can watch a movie or a play, sneak through any private events, follow or stalk someone unnoticed. The thing that I don't like here is when I get into an accident no one will see me, but then again I do have my Precognition or Intuitive Aptitude or Omnicompetence superpowers which could help me prevent such accidents.

3. Teleportation 
(The ability to move instantaneously from one location to another without physically occupying the space in between)
    I did say that I want to travel, and the perks of being able to teleport my self to any place would be fast and free transport any time I want. Like that of David in Jumper. Imagine going from the top of the Eiffel tower to that of the Mt. Everest, from Milford Sound to the mountains of Himalayas, from Great Pyramid of Giza and Sphinx to Machu Picchu, Manhattan NY to London City,  Santorini to Bora Bora, imagine all the possibilities. This is a great power that goes well with flight, such a dream. 

4. Flight
(The power to fly without any outside influence)
    Who doesn't want to fly? I'd always relate flying to being free. Feeling the wind against you, with different birds beside you and a great view of things, of our world. I don't have to worry about falling from somewhere or something (especially when I teleport), because I could freakin' fly.  

5. Telepathy
(Power to mentally receive and transmit information. Also known as Mind Reading)

    It's nice to read someone's mind every once in a while, especially when you feel someone is lying to you and those sort of things. And as much as I like to not care about what other people think of me, I still want to know. Yes, I'd be against this one is such power would be available because it may breach my privacy. Anderson from Dredd is a perfect example, she was just so cool. Also, imagine that when you're with other people, you'd be this psychic knowing things, doing things, before they even say or ask it.

6. Clairvoyance 
(The psychic power to gain direct information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the user's physical senses)
    I chose this one maybe because I don't relate to people as much as I like to, and with these power I could make sure everyone I loved is okay, far away from danger or if they need any help and those sort. Knowing that they are safe is enough to make me feel okay as well. A good reassurance, that's what I like to see it. I could be a great intelligence agent spy, having this in my power list!

7. Precognition
(The ability to accurately foresee future events)
     Well I was not going to include this for the fear that I might get preoccupied with so much of the future and not be present at all. But then it's always nice to have a glimpse of what might suppose to happen, to prepare for it and react the right way when the time comes. 

    Question: Would you rather know your future but not be able to do anything about it or know other's future but you can't tell them? (Know this card game? Makes you really think). 

   My sister chose latter because she wanted to help those others, I chose the former (having in mind that I am not in control of that future per se, but in control with other things before that) because if I know that I can't really do anything about something then I do everything the way I want to, not rebelliously but I guess a little intense than what I can. Sad mentality that it lets you somewhat dictate your life and maybe just think of giving up, but then again if you are going to die tomorrow or you knew your not going to be the "when I grow up I want to be" person, you think you're going to be, and you really really can't do anything about it (undestroyable fact), would you still just go on with your life thinking that you'll not going to die tomorrow and you can be anyone you want yourself to be, or just make the best of the last day that you have and do your best to be the person you don't really want to be when you grow up. (I'm not really that Carpe Diem type, (I tried to be, I want to be) which would be relevant if you can't foresee the future, but I'm talking about having Precognition, am I?) 

8. Intuitive Aptitude 

(The power to instantly learn and understand the complexity and exactness of organisms, objects, and even powers without the need of long-term or special education) 

    Who doesn't want an amazing mind? 

     My memory is one of my weakness (It's just difficult to remember things especially when you don't do it that often or talk about it often). And it fails me most of the time on some important things (I take note a lot for that matter). I want to have such photographic memory as Mike Ross or Lexie Grey. I want learning to be easy and fun and not a burden. I do love studying because I love learning new things and I know that I what I know is something that I would have and other people can't take away, but that thought doesn't really help if your mind is not at its best or your brain is sick. And I think that it's a little unfair that other people have really great minds while others have to fire up their brows or take a test without sleep from studying all night. They study all their might and will still eventually result in something as if they haven't studied at all (I'm not saying that those with great minds get that title that easy, I know people who does everything, study study study and get the result they wanted, it's just that  for others whose favored by odds, it's somewhat easier for them and at times effortless). Yes, that's life, we just got deal with it and do things the best that we can with whatever is given to us. I'm not complaining, which I sound like, but I'm really just saying that it's unfair.  

    This isn't just a mind thing, along with this would be the ability to learn fast from just a thing that you saw or read. Learning to do these and that - cooking, martial arts, dancing, everything!

9. Omnicompetence 

(The ability to handle all situations or matters)
      A little related or somewhat the same to Intuitive Aptitude. Remember Eddie of Limitless, perfect example.  I'm socially awkward, at least I feel I am, but one mentioned that I don't. I don't really know how to act on certain situations, what to say in a conversation, so this power would very much be handy considering that I'll be able to handle all situations the right way. The thing is that I seldom do things out of the box, shell, blue or whatever outside because of the said reason and of my many issues. Call me predictable, I don't care, that's me, I'm just not that spontaneous enough (Gosh, how I adore those who are), but that's not all that I am and maybe not who I am going to be anymore, in time.

10. Healing 

(The power to restore biotic organisms to their optimal health)
    When I was still a kid I wanted to become a doctor, now I'm a nurse (though not professional yet). I just can't seem to get away with the field of health. I may not be that sure of what I really wanted my life to be, but the fact that I wanted to help people in this way makes me think that this is what I'm really supposed to do with my life or at least possibly what I'm supposed to do.  Then again, how can we really be so sure, or are we supposed to be? 
   This is a great power to be bestowed upon oneself, and with such power comes the great and difficult responsibility. Is it just about helping the sick? I believe it's more than that, it's about life and death, about justice and equality and a lot more things. I know sickness/illness/disability are trials in our lives, it can make or break not only the affected but as well as the people around that person. It's one of life's neat little tricks, and here am I selfishly wanting to be a super healer going against life's like that cliche. It's just sad that people have to go through such situations, regardless if they deserve it or not. Lastly, this definitely free you from big big hospital charges and physician's fee (Just been out of the hospital after almost a week, father's fine, thank God!). Also, this doesn't apply to humans alone, but also to other living organisms like plants and animals, how cool is that!?

This is the end of the list, and if I would choose one, it would be Intuitive Aptitude.

     Why not the other powers? Hmm... Time travel is amazing as well (Is it Bayani? the show where the kids were transported back in time to learn about our national heroes, history and culture? that's awesome right? What more if you were those kids) but it's quite complicated for me. Invincibility, No, I'd like to be vulnerable, and having the above mentioned powers are enough for me. Omniscience "all knowing" - Yes, I wanted to know everything and anything (which technically impossible, if your really not an/the omniscient god/God, duh?), but I'll still refuse because, I also do like to know them my own way, and learning is a very pleasurable thing, and if I knew everything already what else is there to do.

I don't know if superpowers are even possible or close at hand, but I'd give it the benefit of the doubt. For now, I'd just focus on boosting my self-confidence, doing the best in everything that I do, being happy, giving myself a break and bringing out the Supergirl in me. 

You? What superpowers do you like to have?

Photo credit to neomonki.deviantart.com

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  • Jay Andrews said...

    To write as good as you would be a nice thing, Caroline. But I probably has more luck with the gift of speed.

    That was I can travel the world for free, ha!

    The power of luck would be a good thing too though.

  • Caroline Castro said...

    @majopau: yes yes it would be :)

    @jay: wow, thank you? that comment really made me smile. Speed is a good one too not just in traveling but also in doing things the last minute and still finish them on time! ha! Luck, hmmm nice, I guess you wouldn't really need superpowers if you can have all the luck in the world.

  • Anonymous said...

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    I came across your blog and loved this post on superpowers.

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