Of Sorrows, Prayers and Hopes

Wednesday, December 19, 2012 2 comments

      I was not actually planning to do a post about this, not until I saw the tribute video of  The Voice for the Connecticut shooting, which put me to tears, that I decided to. I then found myself looking for photos and writings of the incident, the aftermath and stories of the victims, which made me cry harder because of the emotions of the families and friends (even non-relative) of the victims - heartbreaking.

        It was just last July when we were struck by the news of the shooting in one theater in Colorado (12 dead, 59 wounded), and then last 14th of December that of the Newtown, Connecticut shooting (28 dead, many of whom are children). It was a very sad and devastating news. 

     A lot of us might be thinking, how such things could be of human conduct, yet let us not merely judge but try to understand what Adam Lanza and the others had been through to commit such acts. How could such thing be prevented? Is it an issue of gun control, of security protocols, of evil dispute, or of mental incapacity? Whatever it is, there still is the fact that people (innocent people) are dead and we could never bring them back as much as we'd like to. What we need now is to take action so that in the future things like these could be prevented. Let's also take some time to pray for the souls of

 Charlotte 6, Daniel 7, Olivia 6 , Josephine 7, Ana 6 , Dylan 6, Catherine 6, Chase 7, Jesse 6, James 6, Grace 7, Emilie 6, Noah 6, Caroline 6, Jessica 6, 

Benjamin 6, Jack 6, Avielle 6, Madeleine 6, Allison 6

Dawn Hochsprung, teacher, Nancy Lanza, Adam's mother, Anne Marie Murphy, school staff, Mary Sherlach, psychologist, Victoria Soto, teacher, Lauren Russeau, teacher, 

Rachel D'Avino, behavioral therapist, and Adam Lanza

may they rest in peace and find home in Paradise, as well as strength for their families for such pain they have to go through because of what had happened. 
Let's keep praying and hoping for God's guidance and peace for our world. 


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